Why you should volunteers with PURE India Trust?

  • You lead the change you want to see in our society and for the same you get flexible opportunities for volunteering based on your skill, time and locations.
  • You get to work towards issues of Education, Women Empowerment, Gender equality & community development activities. Your time is the best contribution you can make to these causes.
  • Be a part of a larger community of change-makers and influencers. Have a space where you can take charge and create solutions. We uplift ourselves and each other through bonding exercises ensuring that you’re having fun while you change the world.
  • We provide certificates for your valuable contribution. If your college requires you to work or if you’re looking for experience letter, we shall provide a certificate as per the work you would do with us.
  • It starts with YOU. As Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”. If you’re bothered by the state of things in the world, become volunteer to change it.

Following are some of the volunteering opportunities

  • School wall Coloring & Graffiti work.
  • Conducting Life Skill trainings – Personality development, Interviewing skills.
  • Conducting Cyber Security Awareness Workshops in schools.
  • Conducting Career guidance & mentoring over the phone.
  • Conducting story telling & public speaking workshops.
  • Success Story and social media content development.
  • Translation of content from English to regional languages.
  • Organizing Learning & Exposure visits of students & women.
  • Financial Literacy Awareness Workshops.
  • Entrepreneurship development workshop.
  • Advance excel trainings.
  • Software development & process automation.
  • Organizing Sports activities for school students.
  • Computer Hardware & Network training.
  • Clean India movement drive.
  • Plantation & Watering activities.
  • Conducting a quiz, essay writing, drawing etc competitions for students.
  • Project fund raising online and offline.
  • Conducting communication improvement sessions.

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