Before Support :

Deepa is beautician. she is working based on the packages on home service per pack Rs.1000 .she earns money but not on regular basis. Her husbands is a bike mechanic earns around Rs.10,000 per month .she has a son who is studying in LKG. The family consist of 4 member which includes Deepa, her husband ,her son and her father. She wants to open a beautician shop in her home so that she can service all of her clients and make between Rs.10,000 and Rs.15,000 a month.

After Support :

During our mobilization efforts in the slum, we came to know about her circumstances. PURE India Trust subsequently assisted her in establishing a business in her home, where she is now earning Rs.15,000 per month and managing some family expenses. She is thrilled with our support and is eager to pursue her dream of opening a beauty parlor.

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