Due to a persistent illness, Radha’s husband went away, which presented many difficulties for her in handling family expenses. as the mother of three kids she faced many problem in daily expenses. More sadness befell her when one of her son passed away after he lost his fight with cancer. Radha Mangu is currently in charge of taking care of her mentally ill son and granddaughter. She has also started looking after her three-year-old granddaughter. She is severely burdened financially by her son’s medical costs and household maintenance, particularly now that her daughter has tied the knot.
One day she met with a PURE India Trust field executive and told him about his finance problem. Immediately PURE India Trust supported her and  she effectively started her pushcart of fruits and vegetables. Radha is earning almost Rs.15,000 per month. Now, with the help of PURE India Trust she is able to manage all her expenses and  daily needs for her family.


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