Before Support :

Sharmila runs a vegetable shop on the roadside and earns Rs.5,000 per month. Her husband operates a driving school and earns Rs.10,000 per month. They have two daughters and a son. One daughter is in 5th grade, the second daughter is in 3rd grade, and their son is in L.K.G. All of them attend government school, and the family lives in a rented house. Sharmila wants to start a vegetable business on the roadside, particularly in the slum area, so she can earn an additional Rs.5,000-Rs.6,000 per month from her own business. To achieve this, she needs a pushcart.

After support :

We conducted a mobilization campaign in the slum, and we received numerous applications. After conducting background checks, PURE India Trust provided assistance for her to purchase a pushcart. Previously, she used to operate on the roadside, but with the pushcart, she was able to expand her business to cover more areas. As a result, she now earns between Rs.15,000 and Rs.18,000 per month.

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