Before Support :

Umadevi operates a little petty shop next to the school, earning Rs.4,000 per month While her husband is not employed. Both of their daughters are enrolled at the government school. The family rents a home and pays their own bills. There isn’t a store on the main road, therefore Umadevi wants to open a Tiffin store there. She wants to add bhaji bond to her menu and needs a pushcart so that she may possibly make an additional Rs.3,000 to Rs.4,000 a month.

After support :

During the mobilization, we learned about the family’s situation. She was struggling to support her daughter’s education, so she wanted to start a tiffin center. PURE India Trust assisted her in purchasing tiffin center materials such as a large gas stove, big vessels, an idly cooker, and a flask. Now, she has started earning more then Rs.12,000 per month.

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