The book “100 Career Options” authored by our Founder, Prashant Pal benefits millions of students who do not have access to formal career guidance or mentoring. Its aim is to create awareness about 100 career options among parents so that they can help their children choose a subject that best suits their career goals. And to upgrade the career knowledge of school teachers to guide their students and help them choose a profession that matches their passion.

It was our team’s commitment during the COVID-19 lockdown to finalize the content of the comprehensive Career guidance book and help our founder, Prashant Pal, in publishing this book. 

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not implement the career guidance mentoring program in person in various schools; however, we utilized our team’s time and provided online career guidance support to multiple students through zoom calls and over the phone. 

 It is essential to realize that every child is unique and that there is no single path that all children should follow. It would be helpful to always keep this book on hand for your kids to refer to it. Every penny raised from this book will assist underprivileged, talented students to gain access to higher education. 

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