Aarti Bhog Prasad, Kaila Devi, Karauli District, Rajasthan

The family of Aarti living in Omkareshwar included her husband and two children. Aarti and her family had gone to Sarmathura to visit a relative during Navratri; upon returning, her husband met with an accident in which both of his legs were broken. Aarti had to take a lot of money from her relatives to treat her husband. In spite of all the treatment Aarti’s husband received, he died of liver cancer. The situation became very troubling for Aarti. She visited her parents’ house one day and discovered that women have jobs. A representative from the trust contacted her. Trust members have partnered with SIDBI Bank to set up Aarti’s Bhog Prasad shop in Kaila Devi. Aarti’s work on Bhog Prasad continues to go well despite the closure of her shop during COVID-19. Aarti said that she has now opened a tea shop, and she makes between 10000 and 12000 per month. She also said “I have also begun repaying my relatives’ loans. My family and I would like to thank SIDBI Bank and Pure India Trust”.

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