Babita Kanwar, then 15 years old, was a keen student who took up sewing as a hobby from her mother. She had no idea that in a few years, she would become a professional seamstress. With the help of her family, she completed her B.A. after getting married. Babita, however, was left to take care of the domestic duties after a family member passed away. Her education were hampered when she began sewing at home with a hand machine for just 800 rupees in order to further support her family.

At this point, she became aware of the AU Foundation Bank and PURE India Trust, which support entrepreneurship and provide women with the tools to become self-sufficient. Babita applied for a foot sewing machine with their help. Her salary increased to almost 12,500 rupees as a result. Babita achieved yet another milestone  when she opened her own sewing business.

But Babita’s greatest accomplishment was her own victory. With the help of AU Bank and PURE India Trust , she finished her M.A., RSCIT, and NSND courses.






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