Bhavesh Nayak, a 6 year old child is suffering from down syndrome and intellectual disability. Down syndrome is a  genetic disorder disease caused due to chromosomal aberration. He was unable to speak or utter any word in his 6 years. Due to poor financial conditions at his home, he didn’t get any rehabilitation facilities. He never used to play with other normal kids and was anxious and scared between them.  Because of this, he also developed the habit of biting hard other kids.


During the mobilization of Anu-Divyang Centre which is being run by PURE India Trust in Rawatbhata, we came to know about Bhavesh’s condition. The therapists here worked on his behavioural improvement by ABA(Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy along with speech therapy. Now, he is able to speak words and mathematical counting. His family is very happy with this change as other kids in their neighbourhood also accepted him. He overcame his fear and plays with the kids  wearing a happy smile always.

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