Fighting obstacles and Reviving Business through empowerment mission -Story of Sunita

Sunita’s husband has been suffering from Cancer since last 4-5 year and recently recovered but her entire savings has utilized in his treatment and also a lot of money has been borrowed from others without any regular income in the family. She has 3 kids and her husband recently started working as a driver. Sunita visited our NGO center and requested us to supported her to re-start her old shop which she closed a few years before due to the treatment of her husband.

We visited her house and found that she comes from a poor family and her daughters also stop going to a regular college and started teaching in a private school to support the family. So we selected her to re-start her shop of Stationary & General store shop.

We launched her shop on 6-Feb-19 and started supporting her to increase income from her business. We also organized a drawing & Mehndi competition at her shop to attract women & children at her shop. Now she is earning Rs.4500/- per month