Gudi Devi, Ladies Tailor, Navrangpura, Jaipur

Gudi Devi was born on 2 November 1990 in a working class family in Navrangpura village of Virat Nagar, Jaipur. In her family, she has a younger brother and a younger sister, mother and father, she has two small children. Before becoming AU Udyogini, her monthly income was Rs 1100.

In December 2020, during the campaign of AU Udyogini, we met her and after going home and seeing that the sewing machine in her hand was negligible. But seeing her sewing skill was very impressive, we selected her by taking her application for sewing. Today she is doing her business in a very good way by staying at home. It was good to see that we took her application for sewing in AU Udyogini and selected her. Gudi Devi is a self-reliant woman; she now runs her family smoothly with the help of the sewing industry. Today she is earning Rs 3000-4000 a month by becoming successful in the sewing industry.

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