Kalavathi, Ladies Tailor, Vijinapura Village, Bengaluru

Kalavathi lives in a small house with leaky roof in Vijinapura slum along with her 2 minor daughters. She also has an adult son who earns INR 6000 per month, working in a shop but provides no monetary support to the family. She is on her own to earn bread for the family. The Garment factory where she worked for 5 years was shut down during Covid lockdown. Due to which, Kalavathi was forced to take up odd jobs such as housekeeping. In her spare time, she also does hand tailoring.

Kalavathi applied for help from PURE India Trust, our team helped her procure a new sewing machine and set up a tailoring shop at home.

With an additional income of INR 3000 per month exclusively from her tailoring, her monthly income has now increased more than two-fold to INR 6000 per month.

Earlier, Kalavathi was capable of doing only laborious and time-consuming handwork like (embroidery, designing) manually, but now, empowered with a new sewing machine, she can stitch more clothes (blouse, churidar etc.) and design in short period of time gaining her more income.

Kalavathi is now able to meet all her family expenditure and can also afford school fees for both her daughters.

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