Kantha Devi Beauty Parlor, Seeghaihalli village, Bengaluru

Kantha Devi lives in Seeghaihalli village, Bengaluru. Kantha Devi is the sole breadwinner for her family since her husband who was a truck driver got seriously injured and subsequently disabled due to the accident. She also cares for her ailing elderly mother-in-law and incurs medical expenses for treatment of both her husband and his mother. She earns her living as a beautician offering services such as bridal make-up, decoration etc at the customers’ place.

Kantha Devi applied for help from PURE India Trust and we helped her set up a beauty parlor at home. Before setting up her own beauty parlor she was earning INR 5000 per month. Now, she is able to offer her services to walk-ins at her home, her income now has increased more than two-fold to INR 13000 per month.

Previously, Kantha Devi was able to do make-up and decorations only for special occasions like weddings at customer places which usually is a seasonal business, but now, empowered with a new beauty parlor right at her home, she can also cater to walk-ins on a regular basis.

Kantha Devi also scaled up her home beauty parlor into a training centre, training other women as beauticians resulting in an additional income for her.

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