Kavita Devi, a qualified beautician, had long desired to own her own beauty parlor, but her family’s poor financial situation prevented her from doing so. Her spouse began working as a DJ, but the COVID lockdown prevented him from getting off to a good start, so he closed the business.

She was recognized one day by the PURE India Trust field executive, who then inquired about her qualifications and future goals. She was chosen  after three or four rounds of interviews. She is the only graduate in her family. This was made possible by her fervor to launch her company. She started her business with new chair and beauty goods. She was thrilled to launch her home-based business.

She is currently earning at least Rs. 8500 from her business each month. She is seeing even better turnover during the busiest time of year for marriages. She recently opened a cosmetics store as well. She is very grateful to PURE India Trust and AU Foundation.




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