Krishna Chaturvedi is a 27 year old young positive mind set boy. He lives in a very small village near Karauli district in Rajasthan. He lost his both hands when he was of 6 years old due to an accident in his farms’ engine. His both hands stuck in the wheel of the engine and removed completely from the body. After his treatment he studied and did his MA, B Ed education using his legs. 

He was job less after the studies however he started providing education classes during covid for the benefits of children but no one paid him fees so he had to stopped teaching after covid so he was really sad as he was of no use. One of the media person inform PURE India Trust’s founder about him and immediately was supported to started his Tuition classes again and trust pay him 100 Rs per student per month now. Now he earn 6000-7000 per month and also become a coordinator for all other pathashala centers in Karauli districts. 

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