Lakshmi Tailoring Centre, Haleihalli Village, Bengaluru

Lakshmi lives in a rented house with her husband, a daily labourer, and two minor children. Both work hard to make ends meet. Her husband earns about INR 8000 per month, and a significant portion of their income is spent on rent (INR 2500 per month). She worked in a garment factory for additional income and did part-time stitching on a borrowed sewing machine.

Lakshmi applied for help from PURE India Trust, who helped procure a new sewing machine and set up a tailoring shop at home.

With an additional income of INR 2000 per month exclusively from her tailoring, her monthly income has now increased more than two-fold to INR 3500 per month

Previously, Lakshmi was working on a neighbour’s sewing machine for a limited time. But now, empowered with a new sewing machine and a tailoring shop of her own, she can now take more orders and get additional income at the comfort of her home while taking care of her kids.

Lakshmi can now help her husband meet the family expenditure and afford school fees for both her children.

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