Lalita Chat Center – Wajitpur, Noida

Lalita is a mother of four kids and she has been selling Gol-Gappe on a small counter stall with her husband in the village and near corporate office in sector 135. Her all four kids are going to govt school as she can not afford a better education for them. Hence she wanted to start a full chat center instead of Gol-Gappe only as the income is not enough and not regular as of now
We met her at the village and found her suitable to support. We provided her a push-cart to carry the material and run a proper chat center. Her business was launched on 18-Jan-19 and regular mentoring support is being provided to ensure she make good earnings from the business.  Now she is earning Rs.6000/- per month and we are providing her tips / feedback to attract the customer at her counter.

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