Meena Tailoring & Boutique – Chhaprauli, Noida
Meena is a wife of daily wage labour and all her 3 kids go to Govt school. She lives in a rented house. Meena is a confident on her tailoring skills and she has been doing stitching work as and when she gets the work. She approached us during the mobilization and requested us to support her to open a tailoring center so that she can provide trainings to other women and also earn to support her family needs. Her husband is only person to earn to support family of 5 members.
Anupama is very confident in her tailoring skills has a good connect with local women also. Hence we selected her and launched her tailoring business on 5-Feb-19. We helped her create a awareness campaign in the village by distributing pamphlets, posters and displaying banners in the village. She has also started providing Tailoring training to local women.
We organized a drawing & Mehndi competition at her shop to create awareness and 200+ women & children participated in the competition. Now she earn Rs.3500/- per month

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