New Pathsala in Jaipur

On July 7,2019 in another stepping stone, Pure Trust India started a new Patshala in Jaipur.

Under our mission Education for Everyone, we have started our third branch of Pathsala in Jaipur, the first two branches are in Greater Noida and in New Delhi.

The Pathsala is run by Mr. Prashant Dubey and other volunteers ,it has already attracted a number of students and  is equipped with modern teaching methods.

Pathsala begins after school hours , it is mainly focused on the students from rural background  to improve the quality of education by teaching them curriculum syllabus , engaging them in different learning activities such as rhymes , games , discussions and videos channels , one the method widely used by our teachers is visual learning, Practises such as creative pictures with the alphabets and inviting students to board as well .

Students in the pathsala are taught on basis of age groups, by using such method it not only helps to determine the pre-knowledge and other skills of students have but also in nurturing their further growth and keeps a healthy learning environment.

The pathsala also organises co-curriculum activities such as dancing, art and colouring, and group learning games to provide an open learning environment, this not only helps students clearing their doubts but also helps in overcoming common fears of social situations.

At Pure Trust India we are committed towards opening more ventures like this under our mission Education for Everyone and will always help students from different backgrounds to transform the education.