Our History

PURE India Trust is a by-product of Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement initiated in 2011. Trust’s co-founder Prashant Pal was working as a corporate leader at Manila in Philippines during the movement days. Prashant got inspired by Anna Hazare’s self-sacrificing contribution to Indian society hence he moved back to India in 2012 and formed PURE India Trust (NGO) in Mar’ 2013 with a mission to provide relevant Education which leads to an employment, especially for women and students from a poor economic background.

Prashant grew up in a small village, Manoharpura in Karauli district of Rajasthan. Owing to this, he has first-hand experience and understanding of the challenges faced by children from rural areas especially girl students. Soon, Prashant moved abroad and while working as a corporate executive he provided financial assistance to many poor but deserving students. But it wasn’t long before he realized that charitable contributions alone can’t improve the situation.

With a passion to improve the situation on-ground, Prashant returned to India and started this not-for-profit PURE India Trust in Mar’2013 at New Delhi with his wife Medha Naruka.Though Medha & Prashant started it but soon many working professionals and highly educated volunteers who shared the common goal and vision, joined hands and thus started the PURE India journey. Now PURE India Trust has multiple development centers across Delhi NCR, Rajasthan and Maharastra and it has been supporting 10000+ people every year

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