In our society, career planning is not given priority or due importance. Many students make career choices based on what their peers chose such as engineering, medicine, police, teaching etc. Decisions on which career path to pursue are also taken basis advise given by relatives, friends, and teachers. Often, one chooses a career after picking and finishing a course. This means that if a student doesn’t pick the appropriate course, it will eventually affect his/her career choice.

A study showed that 1 in 3 students is unhappy with the course that he/she chose and almost 4 out of 5 working professionals are unhappy with their jobs. Improper skilling has also led to a crisis in the employability of these graduates. One of the main causes of this is the lack of access to this information. The other key reason being lack of awareness about other career options among various stakeholders such as teachers, parents, and students.

Our aim

Our aim through our career mentoring program is to aware students from rural and semi urban areas about different careers which are not very popular like Medical, Engineering. These career options have huge demand and have a better chance of employment for students.

About the program

To solve this problem, we have designed & launched a unique solution for “Career guidance & Mentoring” program. Under this approach, we permanently paste banners of “100 most popular career opportunities” and conduct Career Awareness Workshops in schools. Apart from this, we will also start a student career helpline number where students can call in and speak to a domain expert for career specific queries.

Following are the key elements of the mentoring model:

  1. Paste / Display wall-size Student Career Guidance Chart in the school.
  2. Conduct a Seminar to create awareness about various career opportunities.
  3. Student Career Helpline number for domain-specific guidance by domain experts.
  4. One-to-One career guidance session by volunteers.