Pushpa Devi Sewing Centre, Karauli District, Rajasthan

Pushsha Devi lives in a rented house with her five children in Vaishali Nagar Colony of Karauli, she is unemployed and her husband works as a laborer. The elder girl is a teacher in a private school, but due to more members in the family, the expenses are more and the income is also very less.

Pushpa Devi came to know about the self-reliant program of PURE India Trust operating in Karauli and sought help to start a sewing center. After taking all the information from the trust, she got the sewing machine. Now Pushpa ji earns more than Rs. 2000 by doing sewing work from her home. She got income from the trust by sewing masks during the COVID-19. The organization distributed ration kits and masks etc to Pushpa Devi during the COVID-19. About 200 people benefited from this program. Pushpa ji thanked SIDBI Bank and Pure India Trust for their support.

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