Sathya Tailoring Centre, Vijinapura Village, Bengaluru

Sathya is a single mother taking care of her daughter, who is very good at studies. They live in a small house in the Vijinapura slum. Sathya makes her living by stitching clothes for people in her community. She has a primary sewing machine and conducts training classes for other women in her local area.

Sathya applied for help from PURE India Trust, who helped procure a new sewing machine and set up a modern tailoring shop at home.

Her monthly income has now increased to INR 7000 per month.

Previously, Sathya was capable of doing only basic tailoring with her old sewing machine. Now, empowered with a new zig-zag sewing machine, she can stitch more designs, embroidery, and teach her students, gaining more income.

Sathya can now meet all her family expenditures and can also afford school fees for both her daughters.

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