Shashikala, Flowers and Vegetable Seller, Seeghaihalli village, Bengaluru

Shashikala is a widow with two daughters who lives in Seeghaihalli village in Bengaluru. Shashikala sells flowers and vegetables in her neighborhood to support her daughters in school and cover family expenditures. From Hoskote market, she purchases flowers to sell near a temple during temple timings, then sells vegetables, carrying a plastic bucket on her head and going from house to house in her village.

Shashikala reached out to PURE India Trust for assistance in procuring a pushcart for selling vegetables and flowers. Earlier she used to earn INR 300-400 but now her daily income has increased two-fold to INR 600-800. Before PURE India Trust’s help Shashikala was able to carry only a few vegetables on her head, but now, empowered with a mobile push-cart, she can move around with more vegetables and sells not only in her local areas but also in nearby communities, apartments and societies.

Shashikala is now confident that she can manage her family expenses and afford education for her daughters.

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