‘National Bravery Award 2016’ winner Sonu Mali

Sonu Mali was a student of class 4 in 2015, of a Govt School, Manoharpura, Karauli. We have been supporting the school students’ by providing them educational material, Swaters, Uniform, sports kits, certificate etc. and also motivating them to better future since 2014. Every year we used to visit the school during 26 Jan or 15 Aug celebration.

We found that Sonu Mali did an act of bravery by saving life of another child from a black Cobra Snake from a running class in the school on 21st Sept 2015. We identified him as a potential candidate for National Bravery Award and prepared his all the document and submitted. Later he was awarded with “National Bravery Award 2016” by PM & president of India. Now his entire education is sponsored by ICCW, Delhi.