Pushpendra: A village boy became a NGO Project Manager

Pushpendra: A village boy became a NGO Project Manager

      Pushpendra Singh is a son of farmer from a small village in Rajasthan. His family somehow managed to complete his graduation in 2013. Later he spent 3 years in trying for competition exams for government job but he could not get success till Oct’2016. His family started putting pressure on him to start a job whatever it may be.

Pushpendra came in touch with PURE India and asked for career advice & help.  We suggested him to come to our Delhi center and start learning computing skills and also teach children from poor community. He started enjoying being with PURE India and attained  good command in computers in first 3 months only and  soon started assisting senior faculty.

Pushpendra completed 6 months of computer training  and became a computer trainer at our center after completing the course and after 3 months of certification he became of PURE India Delhi Center in-charge.

After spending 3 years in preparing for government job, I realized that I do not have any skill which can help me get a good job and I got confused.  PURE India gave a clear direction and helped me start my career path. I am happy that I  have attained this much within a year- Pushpendra Singh