Top Ten Reasons of Poor Education in Karauli, Rajasthan

Top Ten Reasons of Poor Education in Karauli, Rajasthan

Karauli is an aspirational (least developed) district as it has a bad history of social, political & geographical issues hence it was not given due focus for development by various previous govt in past. Karauli is famous for popular red-stone mines and it has 6 Tahsils (sub districts) and 888 villages. As per 2011 census, 85.04 % population lives in rural areas and they are forced to work in stone mines due to lack of alternate employment opportunity. Almost 50% of land of 3 Tahsil of Karauli (Karauli, Sapotra & Mandrayal) is not fit for agriculture as it is a rocky hilly land.

At Karauli, mostly people do not have funds to provide basic education and medical facilities to their children. Hence literacy rate in rural areas is 65.05 % and almost 70% of children stop going to school before reaching in 10th class. Girls’ school dropout % is much higher and more than 44% of girls are victim of Child Marriage in Karauli. 52% of children are suffering from any form of Anemia.

We have been working in various govt schools of Karauli district and interacted with hundreds of students and teachers in last few years. Following are key gaps (improvement opportunities) in education system of Karauli district which keep Karauli low on various development indicators:

  1. Lack of availability of basic Study material for students upto 8th class: Books are provided free of cost by state Govt but mostly, parents couldn’t buy notebook, pen, pencils, slate, school bags, Uniform for their kids hence mostly teacher find it difficult to teach the students in govt schools
  2. Lack of awareness about Importance of Education among Parents: In Karauli mostly rural parents are not educated enough hence they feel that Education would not change much in their life so it is better that their kids should earn some money instead of going to school. School Mid-day meal is the only attraction for many of the students & parents. Mid-day meal is a very good program for rural children.
  3. Lack of focus on Girl Education:75% of girls stop going to schools before 10th class because of priority given to a male child’s education in family or girls are asked to focus on household work and support their family in farming or take care of younger siblings at home.
  4. Lack of career Guidance & mentoring:of students at school level. Career planning is not considered as important as it should be because it is not a necessity in Indian society. If the parents are not aware about various careers and employment opportunities than parents also do not understand importance of education for life.
  5. Lack of Talent encouragement activities at schools: Teacher’s are loaded with extra work hence they are not able to organize various confidence building activities E.g Art, Dance, Music, Sports, Yoga, Olympiad, career guidance etc. and teachers are also not aware about various platform available for the students so not able to facilitate them.
  6. Lack of computer Teacher at Schools:Govt has provided computer ICT lab in almost all the govt govt schools but there is no computer teacher appointed in schools hence there is no computer classes held in most of the schools.
  7. Lack of Recognition of teachers: Many of the school teachers are doing well in conducting education classes but there is no mechanism to recognize such teacher’s at school, block, district and other higher level with higher frequency hence many good teacher also get de-motivated and do not do extra.
  8. Lack of knowledge up gradation of teachers: teachers do not get enough opportunity to upgrade or enhance their knowledge about latest development happening in industries and various other education related sector hence teacher’s keep on following the old pattern of education.
  9. Lack of Sports facilities at schools: is also one of the key reasons of students not performing well in education also. If any student has interest in any games and he / she know that the sports facility is available only at school than she / he will surely come to school. Sports give great leadership, decision making, confidence building and fighting spirit to student hence Sports facilities should be there in school.

10.  Lack of willingness of political leaders: Karauli public has been giving an opposite mandate in state election and it was mostly changing the political leaders every 5 year hence no one was developed as a strong political leader after independence. Many leader kept personal interest ahead of social development.