Venkatalakshmamma, Vegetable Seller, Veranahalli Village, Bangalore

Venkatalakshmamma lives in Veranahalli village in Bangalore. Her husband is a victim of snake bite. With the fangs lodged in his leg, he cannot walk and is permanently disabled. She is a mother of 2 sons and 3 daughters. She and her youngest son used to run a small vegetable shop outside their house with a limited customer base and used to earn INR 200-300 per day.

Venkatalakshmamma applied for help from PURE India Trust, our team helped her procure a pushcart to sell the vegetables. Earlier, she was selling vegetables only near her house, but now, empowered with a mobile push-cart, she sets up her stall not only in her local areas but also in nearby main roads and other busy areas where there is an influx of customers. Her daily income has now increased two-fold to INR 500-600 per day.

Venkatalakshmamma is now confident that she can manage her family expenses and afford treatment for her husband.

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