Bakhtawarpur, Noida Center

Pathshala program started at Bakhtawarpur village in Noida in May 2019. We have identified a large number of families migrated from villages to Bakhtawarpur, Noida as a daily wage labour and living in nearby areas and we also found that the children are not able to get into regular school as soon as they come to Noida due to various reasons and their attendance is very poor in their respective school. We started this center to provide support to such families and focus on strengthening Educational foundation of these children. We organize below activities for holistic development.

  • Educational Classes for 1-8 grade students
  • Computer Shiksha for 4-8 grade students
  • Scholarships for higher education(10th grade & above)
  • Talent encouragement in Sports, Cultural, Art, Music, Yoga etc.
  • Open Schools Exam for drop out students (10th grade & above)
  • Provide uniform, Bag, Shoes, Stationeries, Sports kit etc.
  • Student Career Mentoring by domain experts (8th grade & above)
  • Special classes: Science, Innovations, medical workshop etc.
  • Art & Craft classes for students

Holistic Development 

  • Students are scoring good marks in their school study
  • Many of our students are recognized at state & national level
  • Some of our students are inspiration for many other students in sports, yoga, art and other fields
  • Students are adopting higher education option than dropout
  • Students are getting scholarships and many donated items at center