In villages, women entrepreneurship is unimaginable even after 70 years of independence. Largely, women are dependent on a male member of their family.  This means that most women in villages don’t have an earning or maintain a separate bank account even if they earn money as daily wage laborers. Money earned by women is collected by a male member of the family and largely they only decide how to use that money. This means that women participation in the decision making within a family structure is none to minimal and are considered a vulnerable and economically weak community.

What we are offering:

We are developing Women Entrepreneurship in the villages by supporting women to start a small business of their own choice and in their own villages. Currently, we are supporting 10 women from 8 villages in Noida district in Uttar Pradesh (UP) by helping them start their businesses. We provide the initial 70% non-refundable investment and remaining money must be put in by the women. Our objective is to ensure the women earn INR 8000-10000 per month within the first year of business.

  1. Finalise list of villages in consultation with CSR partner
  2. Mobilise & distribute pamphlets in villages to invite applications
  3. An independent panel will interview and select 1-2 women from every village
  4. Provide one-day basic business motivation training to selected women
  5. Mentor women and monitor business growth, identify opportunities, challenges
  6. Conduct first business review 4 months after the start of business
  7. Provide the second phase of training after 6 months for Cross-skill & Up-Skill in business
  8. Conduct second business review after 10th months of the start of business.
  9. Organize a ceremony and recognize the best entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

Responsibilities of women entrepreneurs

  • An arrangement of space, furniture, shelf etc. to start the business in their own village
  • An arrangement of 30% of initial investment for business set-up
  • Utilities and other expenses
  • Marketing, payment collection, order booking and maintaining day-to-day revenue & expenses statement
  • Reporting of monthly business performance to PURE India for course correction and mentoring.
  • Monthly activities to promote business.

Following activities are being organized in each village to boost the business of women and invite customers to purchase/take services from the women candidates:

  • Medical Camp for women & Children – Gynecologist, Pediatric
  • Women Hygiene awareness workshop
  • Seminar on Financial Literacy in each village
  • Student Career Guidance Awareness Program in schools
  • Self Help Group Awareness Workshop
  • Women recreational activities

Businesses opted for our women entrepreneurs

  • Tailoring
  • Beauty Parlor
  • Cosmetic shops
  • Stationary shop
  • Glossary shop
  • Readymade garments shops
  • Vegetable shop