Women Entrepreneurship Development program

In India, women entrepreneurship is rare in villages even after 70 years of independence. Mostly, Women are dependent on their father, Husband, Brother or uncle for their any financial & non-financial requirements. Money earned by women is also collected by male member of the family and largely they only decide how to use that money. Women are not exposed to various job opportunities in private or Govt sectors and they cannot even think of starting their own small business. Hence we strongly believe that individuals, Corporate, NGOs and Govt must put in their honest efforts to help in empowering women.

My Village My Business

For women empowerment we focus on women Entrepreneurship and we encourage women (preferably housewives) to start businesses of their own choice at their own villages. Under this initiative, we provide funding, mentoring, trainings, Branding, Market research, technical and other handholding support to run their business successfully. Following are the steps of implementation:

A.      Mobilization: we initiate mobilization in the villages to identify the women who are poorest of poor and have basic skills to run a business. Few examples of businesses are:

  • Tailoring Business
  • Beauty Parlor
  • Cosmetic & Stationary Shop
  • Vegetable && Grocery Shop
  • Tiffin Center etc
  • Bags Manufacturin

B.      Selection process: After mobilization the women undergo a selection process of personal interviews, group meetings, family background & physical verification, ability to maintain books of account, investment capability and most important family support to understand success in her business

C.      Financial Support:  Initial funding of 10,000 to 15,000 per women is provided to buy machine, rack, counter or other items required to start a business and her capability to invest for her own business.

D.      Business Launch is done with the support of corporate volunteers and we make sure there is enough buzz in the village to make local people aware and increase her client base in the village.

E.       Business promotional activities: Below are some of the activities we have been organizing in villages to increase footfall at women’s shop and respective women lead the activities in her village

  • Medical Camp with free medicines
  • Eye Camp with free Eye Surgery or Eye Glasses
  • Govt Policy awareness workshops for village people

F.       Skill Development: women are encouraged to provide skill (Tailoring, Beauty Parlor, Cooking etc.) training as per their business to local youth in their villages and become a village level skill centers.

G.     Monthly Business Mentoring support: is provided by our business mentor by visiting all the women’s shop every month to assess the progress and give them advice to further improve their ventures.

H.      Online & offline Market place to buy and sell products which women manufactures e.g. Clothes, Bags, School uniform, Women wear, Dairy products, Pickle, Papad etc. hence we have designed an online & offline market place for women to buy and sell the products within the women network.

Collaboration with Corporate & NGOs: 

We are now looking to collaborate with FMCG companies & other corporate e.g. Shoes, Stationary, cosmetic, cloths, Undergarment manufacturer etc., which are looking to increase their market share in the rural areas and we can give access of these women’s shops in different villages to such corporate.  This will be a win-win situation for all three parties: Corporate, Women & NGO. Additionally we are also working to partner with NGO & corporate which are also working to promote women entrepreneurship and they would need a bigger market place so we can onboard all their women in our network and can provide access of online & offline market place in 1000+ villages within 2 years of time.